Our Learning Centre

Part time alternative provision

Our lovely little centre is situated just outside Waterbeach. The grounds are full of wild flowers and wildlife- we are frequently visited by rabbits, woodpeckers and butterflies.

When you arrive at ALP, we will meet you at the door and invite you to help yourself to tea and toast.  We always try to have a relaxed start and have plenty of breaks while you are with us. The small number of learners means we will really be able to get to know you.

Our aim is to make ALP a place where both learners and staff feel welcome. 

Learners are warmly invited to choose a noticeboard to use as you wish- either to help with learning, to help you feel at home or to express yourself.  You are welcome to bring in bits and pieces from home.  And we especially love it when people bring in their own artwork!  

Our Learners

We love diversity!  And we know that every learner is unique.  Our highly experienced staff will work with you and your parents to develop a learning programme that is just right for you. Examples include:

Sophie, 16

Sophie has always been a high attainer.  She began year 10 on track for ten excellent GCSE grades but high anxiety means she just can't face the classroom and she has spent months out of education.

Are you a Sophie? 

We could...

Oliver, 12

Oliver has found the transition to secondary school extremely difficult.  He has got into a lot of trouble and hates going in.  Oliver sometimes finds learning challenging and needs his work to be at the right level for him which isn't always happening at school.

Are you an Oliver? 

We could...

Emmanuel, 14

Mainstream school just isn't right for Emmanuel and this year has been particularly turbulent. His school is looking into alternative provision. Emmanuel is very concerned about his upcoming GCSEs as he knows he has missed a lot of learning.

Are you an Emmanuel? 

We could...

What happens next?

If you are interested in finding out more, please phone or email Amy on 01223 297358 or hello@alearningplace.co.uk .